Ian C Smith

Ian C Smith’s work has appeared in Axon:Creative Explorations,The Best Australian Poetry,Chiron Review, Island, Southerly,& Westerly His fifth book is Contains Language,Ginninderra Press (Adelaide). He lives in the Gippsland Lakes area of Victoria, Australia.

Heart Problems

Our hearts’ chambers surge
when we feel avid swelling
surge as clothes are ritually stripped
to the words of some ridiculous song
and the tastes of arousal converge.

Ah yes mutual yearning overlaps
then we lapse work grieve get drunk
delete our needs sad-eyed unable to let go
infect using words as blow darts
flesh still slapping together slap slap.

Signs point accusingly from the start
erratic wasps’ nests of moods
a certain archetypal ecstasy
but crumpled sheets always a comfort
and sleeping children those works of art.

We must listen for their hearts’ blood
their sweet breath in the night
compensation for love’s linen stained
yesterday’s fervour now tepid silenced
swept downstream like rivers after storms.

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