Peaches Ostalaza

Peaches Ostalaza is a West Indian studying English Literature and Psychology in the arctic of Western Pennsylvania at Seton Hill University. She was born on the island of ST. Thomas in the United States Virgin Islands. She is an aspiring poet and an active member of her community. She is the current President of the Seton Hill University’s chapter of the NAACP and mentors at the Greensburg Salem Middle School.

4:45am Reflections

As the fire-engine red nails drag down the crease of his back
The tension builds as his grip intertwines in my locks
Yanking me back yet bringing my body closer to his heat…I want it to ease.

Teasingly his breath traces my collarbone
Sending my voice into a high falsetto
Causing him to be brought to a rise—let it go.

Free falling and allowing me to catch him with a twist of my waist
Our embrace ending only in its physical state
Conversation taking us to a higher place

It all began with the flicker of light flashing
As you and I connected eyes
Suddenly becoming ungrounded;
Shown a new way to life.
All of this before the second hand got a chance to twinge—
As time took pause we were propelled towards our fate.

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2 Responses to Peaches Ostalaza

  1. Lucita Samuel says:


  2. S. White says:

    Very imaginative,sexual,and good all rolled up in one. Nice job baby girl I’m proud of you. Uncle S.

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