Christopher Prewitt

Christopher Prewitt is a poet, short story writer, and essayist. Professionally, he teaches. He has also worked in retail and fast food. He is originally from southeastern Kentucky, but currently resides in western Virginia. He served as poetry editor for Inscape and Minnesota Review.

Some Assemblage Required

Every once in awhile
because I am sloppy
with a green bottle
of aftershave and
I have yet to replace
my stolen wheelchair’s
wheels I am relegated
to a perfumed evening
in my recliner
with a scrapbook.
Comfort’s a knife
when the blade
breaks off in the
wedding cake. This is
most nights for me
left holding the handle
but where has the
bride gone? She has
taken the wheels
like pastries into her
mouth wherever whoever
she is. I’ve taped
her hair or a wooly worm
to one page. On
the next they’re all
periwinkle one year’s
Miss Kentucky’s glued
down in her zebra
swimsuit. Who wears
heels to the beach who
isn’t wanting to be
commemorated? Who
wants to cut hair?
Who has the steady hands
or the courage to pull
off the robe and allow
someone to stand in
clumps of what was once
a part of them? I can
count on one hand
the beaches in Kentucky
I have been to. I have
in the frost lost on that
hand all fingers.

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