Andrea Uptmor

Andrea Uptmor is an MFA candidate in fiction at the University of Minnesota. Her fiction has been published in the Chicago Reader, Hot Metal Bridge, and The Medulla Review, among others. Her poetry has been published in Stirring and CRAM.

When the Wife Dies

The husband goes
     back to school. He fixes air

carburetors and at night
     he has classes: Russian

history, poetry, ceramics. He learns
     to love the smooth slip of the clay.

During the day the husband bangs

with a hammer his thumb,
     catches an index finger in a hinge and wipes

greasy rags over his elbows. At
     night he reads a book of John Updike

stories. When the moon catches
     the paper spine, the husband turns

his hands beneath the glow, sees
     the calloused pads of his thumb, hard

knuckles. He thinks,
     “I cannot believe these are my hands.”

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