Janet Butler

Janet Butler relocated to the Bay Area in 2005 after many years in central Italy. She teaches ESL in San Francisco and lives in Alameda with Fulmi, a lovely Spaniel mix she rescued in Italy and brought back with her. Some current or forthcoming publications are Mason’s Road, Assisi, Caduceus, and The Quotable. She was awarded 1st & 2nd place, HM, in the Bay Area Poetry Coalition’s annual contest for 2012. Her most recent chapbook is “Searching for Eden” from Finishing Line Press.


Sometimes, at night, he almost forgot.
Sky, with it glitter of hard stars, was a comfort.
It pulled him beyond imagination, on journeys
trusting in the hand of God for guidance.

A plump moon, burnish to a clear cold brightness,
soothed him, its barren beauty alien
to the lush greens, ripe fruits and perfect days
behind him.

He heard, again and again, that heavy thud
as the gates closed. Heard confusion rattle and build
as they walked dusty paths that led nowhere,
condemned to life.

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