John Stocks

John Stocks is a widely published and anthologised writer from the UK. Recent credits include an appearance in , ‘Soul Feathers’ a poetry anthology, alongside Maya Angelou, the English poet laureate, Carol Ann Duffy, Bob Dylan , Len Cohen, Rimbaud and Verlaine. This anthology was the second best selling poetry anthology in the UK in January, is raising money for cancer care, and can be ordered online from Waterstones UK. He also features in ‘This island City’, the first ever poetry anthology of poetry about Portsmouth, also available from Waterstones. In 2012 John will be launching a collaborative novel, ‘Beer, Balls and the Belgian Mafia’, inspired by three of his primary interests.


Last Orders


This is where the half ghosts gather

Nebulous, intimate with gloom,

Where time dissipates with tender sips

Of solitude or comradeship.


This is where bitter men drink mild,

In a hollow space God empties

With coffee spoons, separateness

As poignant as a parting kiss.


This is where reflection resides

Gazing into the fireside;

In the eyes of the old miner

Patiently waiting for his shift.


This is where last orders are called

On men who have given their all,

Fought their causes, done their duty

Lived, as they were told men must do.


On men who have known loyalty

The beauty of great friendship,

And bitter deceit, betrayal

Victory and defeat, in equal measure.


This is where tired souls are replenished

And where we come to honour our fathers

To make peace with their dreams and with ours,

With cautious words, much left unsaid.

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