Shaina Mugan

Shaina Mugan is a product of Drake University’s writing program and will complete her MFA at Columbia, when she returns to The States. Shaina currently lives and works in Tianjin, China, where she has found refuge in a filth that, quite unexplainably, caresses curbs to appear nearly as docile as a Midwest autumn. She writes for Jin Magazine, of Tianjin, and instructs English and Culture at Tianjin Normal University. She is presently completing her second full manuscript.

When Lions Wake

when lions wake,
hungry for horses,
shake the grey off
and shout from
lungs that have been
filled with soot
from the tepid heart beating
next to them.

the wolf never comes
because you refuse to run.

If the night breathes any harder
in the direction of day,
he threatens to burst
the bees from their sleeping hive,
and spray a honey that will last
for centuries
across the wild pulsing chest
of prairie wildfires.

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