Linda Neuer

Linda Neuer is from Miami, Florida. Recently, some of her poems have been published in Maryland Poetry Review, The MacGuffin, Tattoo Highway, Lily, Sangam, and Astropoetica. She also has had a chapbook published.

Many Worlds
Everywhere we walk
we step on broken bones
like bits of seashells on the sand.
Instead of mollusks, there are men.
Armies of DNA in the bones
strewn on every battlefield.
We are walking above trenches,
searching for identity:
buckles, dog tags,
helmets cradling skulls–
the forensics of memory.
If we are all quantum systems,
our waves everywhere at once,
then we branch off as particles,
each in separate universes,
leading separate lives.
Where war never happened
I will meet you
full of life and promise–
the promise of infinite possibilities
in  infinite universes.

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