Deanna Morris

Deanna Morris is a second year student at Butler University in Indianapolis, Indiana. Her poem “Sewing Room” was published in IUPUI’s genesis [sic] literary magazine as Best in Poetry and her story “Charlie” was published at Subtle Fiction. Her flash fiction “Orchard” was published at A Small, Good Magazine. Her flash fiction “Connections” is published at Clever Magazine. Her flash piece “Birthday House” is being published in Scissors and Spackle literary magazine.

Go Now

She wants him to go now
and wonders how he does not know.
No one has stayed past noon before,
fed the dog or fried eggs
leaving dirty dishes under
the rusting faucet,
auburn steaks staining the sink.
He has smoothed and folded her wrinkled slip
like one saves tissue paper from a gift,
hung her dress on the closet door, the pleats
secret panels he thinks he opened last night.
His white T-shirt pulled off in haste
now lingers on the door knob,
his cufflinks and tie clip on the dresser
tiny metal turrets having taken the beach.
How does he not know
he is clinging like crumbs on a beard,
the face not knowing they are there.
She will tell him to go now
but her voice is barely a whisper
and the only sound in the silence
of the door not closing.

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