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Franchot Ballinger

Franchot Ballinger is a retired Emeritus Associate Professor of English from the University of Cincinnati. In addition to regular writing and hiking whenever possible, he volunteers with the Cincinnati Nature Center and as a spiritual care volunteer with Hospice of … Continue reading

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Michelle Holmes

Michelle Holmes is at Stanford on a one year fellowship, and has the chance to do a great deal of poetry writing under the guidance of former Stegner Poetry Fellows. She is the editor of two daily midwest newspapers. Lion … Continue reading

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Shaina Mugan

Shaina Mugan is a product of Drake University’s writing program and will complete her MFA at Columbia, when she returns to The States. Shaina currently lives and works in Tianjin, China, where she has found refuge in a filth that, … Continue reading

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Michael Dwayne Smith

Michael Dwayne Smith proudly owns and operates one of the English-speaking world’s most unusual names. His poems and stories appear in BLIP Magazine, Right Hand Pointing, Phantom Kangaroo, and other convenient locations. He lives in a desert town with his … Continue reading

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Linda Neuer

Linda Neuer is from Miami, Florida. Recently, some of her poems have been published in Maryland Poetry Review, The MacGuffin, Tattoo Highway, Lily, Sangam, and Astropoetica. She also has had a chapbook published. Many Worlds   Everywhere we walk we … Continue reading

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Dan Flore

Dan Flore has volunteered to teach poetry to people suffering from mental illness. In the past his works have appeared in Many Mountains Moving and Victorian Violet Press. He lives in Pennsylvania. press 1 to speak to your father Press … Continue reading

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Ian Chung

Ian Chung graduated from the University of Warwick with a BA (Hons) in English Literature and Creative Writing, where he is currently doing his MA in English Literature. His work has appeared in Angelic Dynamo, Dr. Hurley’s Snake-Oil Cure, Foundling … Continue reading

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