M. S. Palmer

M. S. Palmer currently lives and works in Portland, Oregon.


I’m not afraid – not yet – though
         I will be in the end
         fear has many faces

As she lies next to me – sleeping in an ugly way – making that face I cannot stand / I do not know

“Oh – right – I get it now.”
“Are you sure – I mean, really sure?”
“Yes – of course – yes.”
“Then we can go.”

No – it’s not quite that simple – you can’t know a tree the same as a person – nor can I

For all that we give – each day – not
         enough is returned
         what is taken

“We aren’t going to make it.”

For now – just stay still – you will see why

All of it – the places and names – the feelings of guilt – will not replace me – though they will try / harder than they knew they could – and you will become what you’ve always feared / expected – falling fast and falling faster – my memory failing – like so many times before – a basket of fruit by the door / under the mailbox where that letter never sat – the one with an answer – never written / far from sent – a better version of tomorrow looming in the wings

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