Jim Davis

Jim Davis is a graduate of Knox College and now lives, writes, and paints in Chicago. Jim edits the North Chicago Review, and his work has appeared in After Hours, Blue Mesa Review, Poetry Quarterly, The Ante Review, Chiron Review, and Contemporary American Voices, among others. Jim will see two of his collections go to print in 2012: Lead, Then Gold (unbound content) and Elements of Course: Crafty Abstraction (Mi-te Press). http://www.jimdavispoetry.com




Birdhouse beat with rubber hammer,

finished with brass tacks, ringing

with hard wings of ladybugs

hovering under the tin roof. I am


we are naked with nostalgia.

Reminiscence. Then again.

Close the distance; come to balance.





Rags on the garden posts

soaked with coyote urine

to keep the grazers at bay.


Trembling trees, tracks and bird wings:

collection of lost things.

Chimes of the season.

Without resolution.


Tin house rings the same

in rain, hail, or beetles escaping.

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