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Kenneth Pobo

Matt Sometimes death comes on a white paper, “Announcement” typed in bold print at the top, larger than your name. A day later, I think of you, who I barely knew, tell my friend who taught you first, become the … Continue reading

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Kushal Poddar

Kushal Poddar (1977- ) resides in the city of Kolkata, India. Apart from poetries, he has written fictions and scripts for television mini-series as well. His English poems have been published in various online and print magazines all over the … Continue reading

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Neil Ellman

Neil Ellman lives and writes in New Jersey (USA). His poems, more than 250 of which are ekphrastic, appear in numerous print and online journals throughout the world. His most recent collection, “Abstractions: From Paint to Poetry,” appears as an … Continue reading

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M. S. Palmer

M. S. Palmer currently lives and works in Portland, Oregon. What:We:Give:For:Small:Chances: I’m not afraid – not yet – though          I will be in the end          fear has many faces As she lies next to me – sleeping in … Continue reading

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Jim Davis

Jim Davis is a graduate of Knox College and now lives, writes, and paints in Chicago. Jim edits the North Chicago Review, and his work has appeared in After Hours, Blue Mesa Review, Poetry Quarterly, The Ante Review, Chiron Review, … Continue reading

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