Jen Ralston

Jen Ralston has a stressful day job and has to drive great distances in order to keep it.

she was not as strong as she believed. she was not
as clever or in control of her destiny as
we wanted her to be but she could
control her memories and she owned the
history she gave to me

such a pleasant lie –
a bedtime story

independence, good timing, and a welcome
surprise. confidence cements
the union.

we two raised a fog around us

she called it “daughter” while she wove it
and i wrapped myself up in it
and called it “mother”

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One Response to Jen Ralston

  1. Cha' Kaula says:

    Nice ending, idea… and conclusion. “we two raised a fog around us” is exquisite. Your poem goes to show: sadness and truth entwined, aren’t always ‘mediocre mush’! Thanks.

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