Al Ortolani

Al Ortolani is a teacher and writer in the Kansas City area. His poetry has appeared in the New York Quarterly, The English Journal, The Laurel Review and others. His third book of poetry, Wren’s House, is due to be released this winter from Coal City Press in Lawrence, Kansas.


The cat follows her
into the kitchen
hours before dawn
while the neighborhood
sleeps. He stares
blankly at his bowl,
not expecting
anything more
than his Fancy
has been dripping
from the eaves
since midnight,
running down the
screen like lines
in a Braille romance.
No one sees
how her bedroom’s
finger of light,
on the lawn,
holds the page
for any to touch;
her affair
is kept fiction,
only by plot,
a story of blind
and a cat.

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