P. L. Powell

P. L. Powell lives in College Park, Georgia. He has recent work in The Foliate Oak, Indigo Rising, The Lyric and The Camel Saloon, as well as previously in Quantum Poetry Magazine.


Like spray from the ocean, the meanings collect their times.
While presenting his new findings at the American
Astrological Society Meeting on a bland
afternoon in a commercial country, Dr. Roland
said the real power of observing remains always
veiled. This tells us the stars have the appearance
of sense looking forward. Marge was necessarily

drawn away by the “Breaking of the Encirclement”.
She came upon me hurriedly, breathless, saying she must
acknowledge that you’ve got to start over amid
dreams of a most unholy night. Yet it still remained
unintelligible to me that the expenses were
such, when even the flower arrangement smelled
like old paper. Meanwhile, Comet Shoemaker Levy 9 held
its positions from all known sides like a thunderstorm.

But what did such particulars explain? Not when we
were outnumbered. Nor when day is already over.
It takes longer than expected. From every side
arrives a moment, a moment when we must believe
that a green god is clearly all alone when he falls.

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