Kevin Ridgeway

Kevin Ridgeway is a writer from Southern California. His current exploits include the life of an amateur avocado farmer and staring contests with his one-eyed cat. Recent work has appeared or is forthcoming in Hobo Camp Review, Gutter Eloquence, Underground Voices and The Camel Saloon.

Approaching Thirty Years

new to this world
by mere decades
spinning around
until dizzy
holding this breath
until the blue
makes these
inflated cheeks
grow a matured
mind brewing into
a house of stories
that accentuate the
pain and grasp
firmly to the glory
flailing its puppet fists
and benign heart
toward heavens and
preparing to enter the
next dimension with
no fear on this obstacle
course of comedic
human conditions
just another skin shed
by the blood of many
predecessor souls and
soaring into the
dead or alive mysteries
hiding behind these
molecules of love and hatred
that pass through all of us
on this runway to fly
to our myriad of ongoing

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2 Responses to Kevin Ridgeway

  1. Sublime murmurs from within the heart of human discourse, great writer.

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