Jennifer LeBlanc

Jennifer LeBlanc is currently pursuing an M.F.A. in Creative Writing from Lesley University. Her collection, Coloring the Shadows, won the Mary C. Bryan Women’s Studies Award for 2009, and Cervena Barva Press published her chapbook, Unrestrained (2009). She enjoys reading feminist poetry and dramatic monologues.


The first wake I attended alone—
the road there honed to a concentrated line.
I ran the instructions through my mind—
arrive on time, do not smile, offer condolences.
I passed the unfamiliar line

to meet the woman I know, tried
not to notice the sharp bones
of the narrow nose and tapered fingers
on the deceased. At home,

I denied my figure— I am
concerns and words, nothing of flesh—
thought, What does reverence
of the body matter in absence
of breath?

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One Response to Jennifer LeBlanc

  1. Cha' Kaula says:

    Thanks Jennifer… I have a habit (perhaps, more of an evolutionary imagery process) of overlaying images onto poems I read. The images conjured about her bones, narrow nose and tapered fingers, were much more grotesque than your ‘gentle’ rendering. You also spurred intellectual thoughts about: WHAT DOES REVERENCE OF THE BODY MATTER – PERIOD! This reverence of the body/flesh and yet our disregard for it as a light-energy-refining organism, continues to confound me. Thanks again for all the ‘activity’ you stirred!

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