Emily Severance

Emily Severance has a BA from The Residential College of The University of Michigan and an MFA in studio art from The School of the Art Institute of Chicago. Her poems have appeared or are forthcoming in Defenestration, Drunken Boat, Gargoyle, qarrtsiluni, Sisyphus, Switched-on Gutenberg and Up the Staircase. She teaches elementary special education in New Mexico.

Out of Breath

Let’s turn off the tv and bury it
in confetti tossed after every
sumptuous line of poetry.
We’ll make the floors vibrate with
our hollandaise stomp and escargot twirl,
compose songs to cheer weeping
salamanders and bellylaugh toads,
paint landscapes on the soles of our feet
and portraits on the palms so we can hop
between the arctic and equator
while clasping
Ferdinand Celine to Gertrude Stein.
Don’t forget to unwind balls of yarn
through our thoughts and crochet
a forest of flowers as we wander back.
Blow up a balloon for each jeweled
moment of the day then twirl
through the depths of our joy.

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