KC Wilder

Some say creativity in the USA is getting harder and harder to find. KC Wilder’s exuberant imagination would seem to counter that. Ears to the concrete, Wilder channels the collective unconscious. Then in Joan Miro-like fashion, he freely sculpts a stylized and dreamy pop vernacular. The end result? Unique. At once painterly and musical, layering pop with a tongue-in-cheek, brightly colored surreal casing. This distinctive style Wilder calls “fauxbrow”.

Many of these writings have at their core a puck-like sprite, who by turns embroiders, masks and dramatizes. Using a distinctively compressed meter and music these poems are best heard and read aloud. The attached selections come from an unpublished manuscript of poetry entitled “jejune afternoon”. In 2009 author Howard Zinn read through an early version of this manuscript and called it “outrageously delightful.”

Recent publishing credits include The Seattle Review, Poetry New Zealand, Pacific Review, Chronogram, Feathertale, Barnwood. Other Wilder influences include studies with Pulitzer prize-winning poet Louis Simpson, as well as 3 years of music and songwriting study with a compatriot of Sir Laurence Olivier’s, the Smithsonian folkways bard Richard Dyer-Bennet.

In the 1990s Wilder partnered with Allen Ginsberg on a first amendment battle over the rights of artists to create posters. This led to a landmark legal victory for free speech which de-fanged some draconian censorship laws and helped keep others out of jail.

Wilder has taught writing at the State University of New York. He’s edited and published a number of award-winning literary journals. Since the 1980s his work has been published in hundreds of literary journals. Wilder has released over a dozen music and poetry CDs with various bands which have seen airplay over college radio stations nationally and internationally. He’s written songs and lyrics for music videos and LPs in collaboration with the European organization AWA and Greenpeace. As a music journalist, Wilder has written columns for various music media and magazines such as Maximum Rock and Roll. He’s toured the U.S. and performed his poetry and music in over 30 cities nationwide, accompanied by his own guitar.

He currently pursues a west coast muse.

#81: a homage to m. lee dee

essentially she trudges through
the labyrinths of time,
a panegyric lamprey eel
alights around her heel
(under multi-colored spheres)
circuiting ionospheres …

oh so far from
straights & narrows
(whirring through her private bowers)
m. lee dee asserts her powers,

ceding to herr wilder
indescribable flair,
hinting at an ineluctable
james-dean-stippled baudelaire!

perhaps a tuft of langston hughes
in the creases of his shoes …
striking al pacino wordplay
on some dog day afternoon …

moonbeam backlit candied hearts
denote that she is there,
an intangible tintinnabular
rising from the neon-spangled
m. lee dee repository!

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