Lisa Minner

Lisa Minner is a New Englander living in Virginia. When she isn’t writing, she is busy editing Subliminal Interiors Magazine.

I was driving away
until I remembered the windowsill
I left in your medicine cabinet,
between the tape and the stapler.
You’ll feel better now that I have the sill,
since I have the window.
It misses you,
and kisses and black roll down
its panes.
How about you write me a seashell,
and leave it in my jewelry box
beside the earrings.
Do you remember when I used to drink your moments,
and you borrowed my breaths?

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One Response to Lisa Minner

  1. angelferox says:

    This is great Lisa – poignant and nostalgic.
    -Peter Marra
    (you published work of mine in Subliminal Interiors)

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