Kevin Heaton

Kevin Heaton‘s fourth chapbook, “Chronicles,” is forthcoming from Finishing Line Press in early 2012. His poem, “The Third Hand” has been nominated for Best of the Net, 2011 by Sundress Publications. His work has appeared in 125 journals and anthologies, including: Quantum Poetry Magazine, elimae, Raleigh Review, and Foliate Oak. He is a listed poet at

Alexander’s Dream

The ghost of Juan Ponce de Leon

possessed the serpentine tongue

of a python. He told the Moorish

tale of an everafter fountain

along the River Euphrates

in The Garden of Eden, beside

the tree of good and evil; formed

by strange tides and divers tidings,

where scarlet parrots cleanse

their plumes in the refilled Cup

of Christ, and splash Templar

wine on red flamingos panning

for watercress at Alexander’s

well. There, forbidden fruits dine

on carnal flesh without conviction,

and fabled springs extend the life

of each inquisitor.

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One Response to Kevin Heaton

  1. Sam Silva says:

    What a remarkable poem…so well crafted and conceived

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