Rachel Marsom-Richmond

Rachel Marsom-Richmond graduated with her MA from Northern Arizona University in May of 2009, and she graduated with her MFA from Georgia College & State University this May. Her poems have appeared in Three Line Poetry, The Bijou Poetry Review, and The Camel Saloon.


Like a bruise, the ink faded from black to blue.
He’d lived with it for 50 years, and now
he saw a girl, bare midriff, showing off the
butterfly tattoo on her lower back- a tramp stamp.
Then he saw a man on a motorcycle, black barbed
wire creeping its way around his arm.

Has he ever climbed over barbed wire?
Has he ever seen an infant tangled in it?

His tattoo, daily reminder of Auschwitz,
six numbers staining his left forearm. Numbers
shouting letters– Leviticus – Do not make any marks
on your skin.
They used a single needle,
and he couldn’t rub away the blue in this modern world.

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