Vineet Kaul

Troubadour Kaul is a full-time poet. As imaginary as his profession, he is the conjured alter-ego of Vineet Kaul. Vineet Kaul is a musician/songwriter and journalist/editor with a newspaper, as poorly paid as the Troubadour. His work can be read in Short Fast & Deadly, Nether Magazine, Subliminal Interiors, Asia Writes Project, Cha: An Asian Literary Journal, Loch Raven Review and other online and print journals. Risking the Troubadour’s ire, he is hoping to collaborate with other artists/photographers/designers in a mixed media project in the near future. Drop him a line at, he’ll love it.


What shall through eternity live?
Words? Lovers? Memories? Dreams?
Naught. Nothing forever lasts.
Yet sometimes nothingness seems to last,
last forever, when unshared.
And an eternity of nothingness diffuses,
measured by blinks, in vacant unison.

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