Ramona Itule-Patigian

Ramona Itule-Patigian is a recent MFA graduate of Mills College, living in Berkeley, CA.

Lonely Planet

With short huffs, slurped up and returned
with a quivered fast intake and halting release
she breaths her way through our phone calls
I have her cough and her labored breath

I imagine–her pulpy tree-like body shrugs
sinks into the space that, until that piercing ring
sat impatiently and annoyingly silent and oh so untouched

even though I know it mustn’t have been so quiet
because that’s not the way she likes it
She likes to leave things lit and humming
Lit and humming until they are the quiet

It’s hard to sort her out of the background
out of the blankets, stars and coal
It’s hard when she’s the center of the universe
and we are banished to lonely planets in her skirt

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One Response to Ramona Itule-Patigian

  1. beautiful & heartbreaking. i love this metaphor of her being hard to sort out of the background, and at once being the center of the universe. gives me pause.. thank you.

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