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P.L. Powell

P. L. Powell lives and writes in College Park, Georgia. Roof Step back from the bare edge, the fall that waits is not your lover. No clause suspends this contract with life or pays from roof for frays. No rite … Continue reading

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Emily Severance

Emily Severance has a BA from The Residential College of The University of Michigan and an MFA in studio art from The School of the Art Institute of Chicago. Her poems have appeared or are forthcoming in Defenestration, Drunken Boat, … Continue reading

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KC Wilder

Some say creativity in the USA is getting harder and harder to find. KC Wilder’s exuberant imagination would seem to counter that. Ears to the concrete, Wilder channels the collective unconscious. Then in Joan Miro-like fashion, he freely sculpts a … Continue reading

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Lisa Minner

Lisa Minner is a New Englander living in Virginia. When she isn’t writing, she is busy editing Subliminal Interiors Magazine. Leaving   I was driving away until I remembered the windowsill I left in your medicine cabinet, between the tape … Continue reading

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Danica Green

Danica Green is a writer living in Wales surrounded by lots of sheep and little else. Her work has recently appeared, or is forthcoming, at Smokelong Quarterly, Neon, PANK, Eclectic Flash, Short Fast and Deadly and others. Humdrum The sleep … Continue reading

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Alicia Hoffman

Alicia Hoffman lives, writes and teaches in Rochester, New York. Recently, her poems have appeared in Umbrella, Redactions, Red Wheelbarrow, elimae, Boston Literary Magazine, Pirene’s Fountain, Dogzplot and elsewhere. She also has two broadsides, Losing Duende and Good Fortune, available … Continue reading

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George Eyre Masters

George Eyre Masters was born in Philadelphia, PA and grew up in Vietnam. After the Marine Corps, he attended Georgetown University where he began to write. His work has appeared in national magazines, newspapers and literary journals. To support his … Continue reading

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