Lawrence Buentello

Lawrence Buentello‘s fiction and poetry have been accepted by a number of publications, including The Storyteller, Word Riot, The Writer’s Journal, The Wallace Stevens Journal, New Works Review, Paradigm and others.

The Incorruptibility of the Soul

The structure of a life stands unbound,
And yet it cannot exceed
The limitations of mortality. If a thought
Could be expelled among the stars,
And return again after a billion years,

How strange would it appear to those
Who found it on their shores,
Awaiting new interpretations of that age?
We build our lives without a good schematic,
Because we never know how strong

A life may be. The universe may fall around
The heart’s foundation, but leave
The soul alive for every universe to come.
It is a parallel dimension, cast off
As light that falls upon some form,

Defining meaning, again and again.
That which stands unbound, and yet
Cannot exceed the limitations of mortality,
Is what we see beyond the stars,
On nights without divinity.

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