Robert S. King

Robert S. King’s poems have appeared in The Kenyon Review, Southern Poetry Review, Lullwater Review, Midwest Quarterly, Chariton Review, Main Street Rag, many others. His latest books are The Hunted River The Gravedigger’s Roots, both from Shared Roads Press, 2009. He is director of FutureCycle Press and also President of the Georgia Poetry Society.

In Your Shadow

In your broad shadow
seasons need no shade trees.
Summer birds have pool parties in your cool,
but winter crows shiver from your touch.
In any degree of your shadow,
careful eyes must bob above the surface.

Perhaps your dark side is space
that merely reflects your times:
Winter’s dead light is the pain
of cold, remembered holes;
Summer is a pool of pleasant secrets
with storms shoving in from another day.
In any degree of your shadow,
arms too long in the water row toward land.

Seasons and shadows orbit.
Your temperature fevers or chills,
and your dark cape only seems skin deep,
hiding the face, blackening two eyes,
as if a shadow were a ruse, a mystery,
a mask that keeps us all from knowing
or feeling too much.
In any degree of your shadow,
the waters are deep, the shores far away.

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