Garrett Traylor

Garrett Traylor is a librarian like his parents are librarians. He writes poetry in the hope that one day he will be able to weed his own collected works from a library. In the meantime it makes appearances in various places online.

A Meditation on Seeds

i prefer to eat my apples skin to core and through
but this apple i could not i reached the core. i stopped.
within, a gnarl of roots. the seeds like eyes like pilots,
seeing at me an alien, a human. the insides twisted,
as if always aware of my teeth upon its vessel flesh.
i felt the apple in me in a process to become me.
i am what i eat i am what i eat i repeat. its forest
is roots and longing. i’ll be buried there. the seeds
may burst without me from me and reach with me
for more than me in the sky above me.

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