Aleathia Drehmer

Aleathia Drehmer is the editor of the print microzine Durable Goods and the online flash fiction website, In Between Altered States. She is also the poetry editor for Full of Crow. Aleathia has had two small collections of poetry published by Kendra Steiner Editions, a shared collection of poetry from Rank Stranger Press called “A Quiet Learning Curve”, a poetry collection from Propaganda Press called “You Find Me Everywhere” and a forthcoming full length collection from Grievous Jones titled “Swallowed Back”. She lives in upstate New York with her daughter and cat.

Ottawa Streets

The phone buzzed in my pocket
as rain plaited my hair to my head.
You told me life was short
and questioned if I’d be willing
to pen your biography.

I agreed, laughingly, but noted
there were others better suited
than me as I’d known only of you
through this ether and word.
I wanted to know why now
when you are so young.

You spoke of tumors, of inoperable
masses riddling your body
and I stood in the pissy doorway
rain-soaked and crying at another
friend lost to more than an ocean.

I walked piecing together
bits of life that may not
have even been yours.

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