Ben Rasnic

Ben Rasnic lives in Bowie, Maryland. His poetry has appeared in numerous publications including The Orange Room Review, Camroc Press Review, Bird’s Eye Review, Flutter, Right Hand Pointing, Gutter Eloquence, The Camel Saloon and The Rusty Truck.

Hometown Blues
Main street warehouses
crumbling brick & cinder
block structures,
peeling plaster
and boarded-up windows
abandoned and ignored.
High School vanished
with consolidation years ago;
the memories disintegrated
into grainy particles of smoke;
keep yearbooks
on my bookshelf
for proof of the past.
Weathering into tombstone,
the swimming pool was drained
when the economy tanked
in ‘08
yet whenever I am here
for too long a period
of time
I am overcome
by the inevitable sensation
of drowning.

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