Brian Cudzilo

Born and raised in western New York State, Brian Cudzilo now lives somewhere else in America – most of the time. His work has appeared on folded napkins left on coffeehouse tables, in love letters mostly left unsent, on pieces of cardboard taped to walls, and in the margins of his favorite books.

The Cat Beneath My Nephew’s Bed

Is it from loneliness that this cat tolerates the unyielding strength of a toddler’s innocent chokehold?

What does she make of the furious handfuls of fur in the iron clutch of this tiny immobile man?

Perhaps she understands: his youth has yet to teach him any other way to love but completely, enthusiastically, without measure, caution, or question as if just to know her is reason enough to love her.

And for that reason – for lessons yet learned – show me a single childless mother unwilling to forgive every transgression a child does not yet know, and love him without compromise as he loves her.

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