William Ogden Haynes

William Ogden Haynes is a poet from Alabama and has published poetry in literary journals such as California Quarterly, Forge Journal and PIF Magazine. His chapbook entitled Five Thousand Days has been accepted for publication in 2011 by Negative Capability Press in Mobile, AL. He has been invited to read his work at several arts festivals in the state and believes that the mark of a good poem is that, at the end, people feel glad they read or heard it. In a prior life he taught speech-language pathology at Auburn University and authored six major professional textbooks.


My words are
crumpled papers
like large hailstones
cluttering the thick black carpet.
With scotch for inspiration,
a notion slowly emerges
as dim filaments
in the distance.
I see the scattered threads
and weave them into a rope,
clipping off extraneous fibers,
creating a tight braid
of words and metaphors.
But in the end,
no matter how tightly wound,
a verse is at best
just a lottery ticket;
and at worst
a house of cards,
an umbrella made of rice paper,
easily blown away with a sigh.

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