Amit Parmessur

Amit Parmessur, for someone who once hated poetry has been accepted for the past six months by over 70 magazines, including Ann Arbor Review, Burnt Bridge, Calliope Nerve, Catapult to Mars, Clockwise Cat, Clutching at Straws, Damazine, Gloom Cupboard, Heavy Hands Ink, LITSNACK, Mad Swirl, Red Fez, The Literary Burlesque, Shot Glass Journal and The Scrambler. As long as he gets published he knows that he is going in the right direction. He currently edits The Rainbow Rose. He hails from the adorable Mauritius island.

Summer Desires

my tongue howls only for sorbet
I dream of wine and frozen strawberries,
lovingly, and without your go-ahead
I want another moth dance
in cigarette smoke,
reawakening my heart’s fire
near the dead fireplace
our pregnant dog ogles at me
every hour as if she knows
as if she feels she can coax me
into sharing her nothingness
there’s a handful of
snow that’s refusing
to melt in my mind these days
time seems too short
way too short to mean anything
it is too long to mean nothing
everything ends in lost days
each time I open or close
the door it hits me
in my cold womb I’m carrying
the child of nothingness
in this cruel summer even
honey can’t sweeten my
thickened tongue

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