Bud R. Berkich

Bud R. Berkich was born in Somerville, NJ and raised in Bound Brook, NJ. He has been writing creatively since the age of eight. Bud holds an Associate degree in Humanities from Raritan Valley Community College, and a Bachelors degree in Liberal Studies from Rider University. He is the co-founder and director of the Somerset Poetry Group in Bridgewater, NJ. Bud currently lives in Manville, NJ.

Report (Form III)

when the planes hit and all that shit back then way back then at the time times and dividing of time divided and never to be put back together again do you remember what you said back then you said something like nasty weather or something like that I said nothing and whether or not I believed you your something is irrelevant bullshit its bullshit its nothing nothing

and is still is


(to Allan Kaprow)

Today, a happening is something different than the happenings that happened yesterday, when happenings were, in fact, happening. A dampening. We claim “new,” but not, to be true, in the old sense. Hence, different than the new that was old, something new altogether different. But better? A dampening. Wetter than usual. Some might say, all wet. As in washed up.

But like as to like. And this like, like what? Nothing to compare it to. To it. But itself. Unique? In and of itself. But go back. Yesterday. To the happening. When it happened, was happening, what was thought? What was said? “A dampening. We claim “new,” etc. Ad infinitum. Ad naseum. Nothing new under the sun. Yes, but–

this happening? It’s happening. In its own way, now.

Not yesterday.


And time will tell.

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