Peter Marra

Peter Marra lives in Williamsburg Brooklyn. Among his influences are Tristan Tzara, Paul Eluard, Edgar Allan Poe, Russ Meyer, and Roger Corman. He has either been published in or has work forthcoming in Caper Literary Journal,, Yes Poetry, Maintenant 4 & 5, Beatnik, , Danse Macabre, Clutching At Straws, O Sweet Flowery Roses, Breadcrumb Scabs and Calliope Nerve.


Deep and barren we’re
Murdered by the riverside
Swamp dreams and thoughts
For the new year
For silence
For pleasure

It won’t go away.
They stalked us and we dreamt them
We talked of suicide in our cells
A secret message blood-written
In between the bricks
The cling clang

Rhythm wouldn’t go away
The police crept away
Slinked into the night and
Laughed as we talked
Of mundane things: toys, dust and murder
They stalked the car and destroyed the night

Youth exploded
Yellowed newspapers
Helped him to remember a series of murders
Perched upon mouths
Stealing their breath
A deeper gasp through and through

A cat-and-mouse game from the womb
His name was a puppet for her
She started now on overload
“do you want to?”
She walked over the remains passionately
With patches of wild climaxes

The biggest eyes were open wide
Trying to remember what they wanted
She turned on me and kissed me
It’s just the blood of the lecherous entering

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4 Responses to Peter Marra

  1. Leslie Sachs says:

    desire is, desire was, desire…..such a powerful load that moves us and within – the memory of it almost equal…..
    It’s what I feel from this new piece….it is the most swelling of yours to date that I have read.
    So many deaths mark our transitions from childhood to adulthood and this weaving, sometimes quiet, sometimes loud, sensibility defines much.
    Wonderful piece!

  2. Peter Marra says:

    Comments appreciated

  3. pdmmax says:

    Comments are welcome

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