Kate Magnolia Glasgow

Kate Magnolia Glasgow is an artist and poet who will graduate from Austin Peay State University with a B.A. in English/ Creative Writing in May of 2011. Her poetry has appeared in Wired Ruby Magazine, and her flash fiction autobiography piece has appeared on the literary blog The Blessing and the Burden. She is currently an assistant poetry editor for Zone 3 Press, a writing instructor for Austin Peay State University’s Academic Support Center, and was the organizational chairman for the APSU Creative Writer’s Group for two years. She hopes to become a writing instructor for the non-classroom community. As her graduation fast-approaches, she is very excited about dedicating her life to helping her future students heal from emotional trauma through the craft of poetry and writing. She currently claims Nashville as her home, but resides in Clarksville, TN.

I lost you, you lost me: a verb

you fell through the crack in my hands,
cupped together as if a black pot of boiling water had split in two,
the rolls of air and sweet nips of grain placid on my feet below.
you broke heaps of earth, asking questions of everyone else,
accessing codes that neither of us could understand.
you felt the parasites as you licked the stamps, one by one
you confronted the snails and the paintings of women surrounding.
you felt your teeth inside your head every day of your life.
you wore around your neck an albatross, and we took turns
after you left, pushing around this jar of animate, mauve jelly, this notion that
we understand what the earth is meant for.

Now, we live as fragments.
I rather enjoy being feigns of light:
there’s nothing to do, exactly.

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3 Responses to Kate Magnolia Glasgow

  1. Amy Wright says:

    Amazing! Love your stranger than real, and thus more real narrative.

  2. Really outstanding poetry, thanks! Would like to see more. Christopher Lewis

  3. Cha' Kaula says:

    Kate… Thanks! It was worth ‘forcing’ my way through the ‘forced form and illusive imagery’ that I didn’t ‘especially’ connect with (no offense, just preferences) to find the last two lines of JEWEL! Thank you… Thank you… Thank you. Those last two lines have made my weeks of reading on this site worthwhile. Those last two lines are fantastic HAIKU. They are true QUANTUM poetry, which I write! I don’t usually include other lines of poetry in my books, but I would definitely like to use those two lines with your name attached as an example of the continuing style of Haiku! Thanks again

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