Stephanie Beran

Stephanie Beran is a law student at the University of Nebraska College of Law, and in what little spare time she has, she enjoys writing poetry.

from A Disappointment of Seasons


Big sister, elder twin
I hope we can hold you upright, but then
Nobody knows much, anything about you.
With our dark men with their dark faces
Whoring a bit
A bit in part, in pieces, their traces
You flash so angry and I am so sorry
Bold-faced insertions, questions dim in flurry
You spark like a flint
Flintlock, a gray bulb in bloom
You fight so that I may feel your coldness
Bleak beaks snapping those little hinge traps
In flight,
Sister, faster,
Casings and castings cast off in rolls in this cold
Late air
This winter feels longer than the last
And the last before that
You knock so silent, not more than a tap
Like a coldhearted darkhearted man frozen
In tracks
Veins like tracks like tracks
Like tracks
Dredges in clay, brittled and bitter
How can’t he know? I’m certain he must
What was once our claim is now our dust.
You fool, dense in your fool’s dream
I won’t find one that doesn’t love another.

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