Kevin Heaton

Kevin Heaton writes in South Carolina. His most recent chapbook, “Measured Days,” is published by Heavy Hands Ink Press. His work has appeared in: Elimae, Nibble, The Catalonian Review, The Raleigh Review, and many others. He is listed as a notable poet at:

Royalty Of The Garden

Azaleas trail in Tyler,
thinking of home bush. Copper

blush hems the habits of red-
orange astrinium, and lacebugs

stipple the shapely hips
of wakening leaves. Southern

charms weep after rain, christening
my palms with vintage cheerwine.

Double-blossomed coral
bells dote upon my nearsight.

Bridesmaids flank bronze beauties
clasped in choker strands

of elegans, and pink pearl.
Sherwood reds flame passions

mid-season: bold and fertile
in early light. Indica birth

in terrible twos, then wilt to rest
from posing. The terminal pride

of Mobile lingers, fragrance
gilds her suffering.

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