Patricia Hanahoe-Dosch

Patricia Hanahoe-Dosch has an MFA from the University of Arizona in Tucson, Arizona, and is currently an Associate Professor of English at Harrisburg Area Community College, Lancaster campus. Her poems have been published in other publications such as Confrontations, The San Pedro Poetry Review, The Paterson Literary Review, Abalone Moon, and Switched-on Gutenberg, among others.


I want for you:

(after Neruda)

the olive tree’s gnarled reach,
swaying in a dry wind, rooted in coarse sand,
bearing and letting go its light fruit
for a heavy oil, twisting its arms
for a hundred years,
grasping the acrid taste of sky

nights of purpose, of fine sand
whispering under your careless feet
as you walk toward a welcoming shadow
under the moon, unwrapping its gray gauze,
and that you meet, the way moonlight sparks at the breaking
of the waves’ last thrust toward the shoreline

earth’s spinning gravity,
a way of placing each hand and foot
toward certainty, a sureness of rhythm
balancing you here, sure-footed and earnest,
anchored among a multitude of revolutions

and forgiveness,
the brine and quagmire of a salt marsh at low tide,
then the turn, the cleansing,
the rise of water, the flight
of herons and egrets,
a softening among the grass and reeds.

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