Amanda Gulla

Amanda Nicole Gulla’s work has appeared in Chronogram, RiverSedge and Common Lives. She is the author of the 2010 chapbook A Banner Year for Apples published by Post Traumatic Press. She is an assistant professor of English Education at Lehman College, City University of New York. She has been a public school teacher and a consultant with the New York City Writing Project. She lives and works in New York City and the Catskill Mountains, and can be reached at

Rosary Bead, South Netherlandish, Early 16th Century

To carve a world in a nutshell…

a dream is something
like this—a thing to
pin you to your seat, impel you
forward—whatever the movement to
match the task. Tonight the
friar bends in dim light, ink
thickens on the quill.
Singular devotion yields a

boxwood rosary bead a
revelation to fit your
palm, unfolding the whole
story etched in a hinged orb
alleluia. Believe

me, in a museum atop Manhattan
Island surrounded by unicorns a
macular miracle how the thing was made
candles flicker in the dark,
passing the night in stone walls
damp with December pressing in.

With mercy toward the mouse
who’d tucked into a beeswax feast,
he brought broken hosts after
Vespers to save his
wax for much needed illumination,
light of the world two and one

quarter inches in diameter
Adam and Eve cast from the garden,
Gabriel visiting Mary,
farewells in Gethsemane, torment on
Calvary, rolling away the stone,
crowned on heavenly throne, a
dark stain where blade

opened Monk’s thumb, a wound
to mark the Matins page before
weak winter sun leaks through
leaded panes and
still the world goes on.

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