Raewyn Alexander

Raewyn Alexander is a novelist, non-fiction writer and poet with her 11th book just launched by Earl of Seacliff, ‘A Bee Lover’s Poetry Companion’, they also published her last book, ‘Museum of Lost Days’. Her work’s been published in Poetry NZ, Landfall, Takahe, Bravado, Blackmail Press, Trout, nzepc and many other magazines, while she also edited a magazine called Magazine for six years showcasing writing from around the world. She’s read her poetry by invitation at the Overload Poetry Festival in Melbourne, Australia twice now and would like to tour other countries to hear and read poetry. More info., here – http://www.bookcouncil.org.nz/writers/alexanderraewyn.html

Making it Big

Donald Trump on The Apprentice –
“Oh, I have to obey the rules.”

Some people give away lottery winnings
have everything they need already.

Money’s a skeleton key for many doors.
Cash quite inert like a spade or a hammer.

It matters who’s digging or hammering
how any tool works.

Hold a nail and hit it,
watch your thumb.

Unearth your worst red ruin and face it.
How did that start?

Draw pictures for kinder answers,
paint fresh colours where mood indicates.

The supermarket unglues logic?
Take a list and stick to it.

Window-shop without cash or cards,
only buy if you still want to a week later.

Send the high-life to deflate elsewhere
a balloon left under a sofa after a party.

blue notes.

Is your middle name, Puppet?
Practise saying, ‘No.’

Watch with an in-built security system.
Growing our own warning bark.

Clean out the whole house.
Learn who you were then discard rubbish or sell it.

With a well the bucket has to be dragged up
then the water’s drunk and we feel better.

Riches may make our place more eco-friendly –
solar panels and a water tank.

More money could provide a three-day-working-week
more time with our family.

Health issues untangled
so life’s a smoother run.

Start a Mysterious Z Club or Ridiculous Petunias Incorporated
any group which interests us produces benefits.

A visit to the ocean for a swim
later a walk and the sight of birds flying.

People, it is people, always people,
together a light through our darkness.

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