David McLean

David McLean is Welsh but has lived in Sweden since 1987. He lives with boat, woman, dogs and cats on an island in the lake Mälaren. He is an atheist, an anarchist, an axiological nihilist, and, thus, generally disgusting. He has a BA in History from Balliol, Oxford, and an MA in philosophy, taken much later and much more seriously studied for, from Stockholm. Up to date details of well over 1100 poems in various zines – both print and online, both degenerate and reputable – over the last three years or so are at his blog at http://mourningabortion.blogspot.com. There you will also find details of several currently available books and chapbooks – including three print full lengths, four print chapbooks, and a free electronic chapbook. A new chapbook is due out in spring 2011.

there are squirrels in trees

there are trees and squirrels in them
who all argue that what exists
independent is always a particular
thing, a slice of living
in general, made of memories
and aspects of dead men

expecting nothing. their universal
is emptiness is sex and the teeth
of corpses, absences
to bite one time, life
and unspecific

just thoughts in one head, universal
living death is bones in the concrete feet,
time and particularly meaningful dreams:
there are squirrels in inscrutable trees
but no such things as wombs
or meanings, every body
is free

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