SJ Fowler

SJ Fowler (1983) has had poetry published in over 70 journals & magazines, and is the author of two collections, Fights (Veer books 2011) and Red Museum (Knives Forks & Spoons press 2011). He is a member of the Writers forum poetry group, and an employee of the British Museum. He edits the Maintenant interview series for 3am magazine introducing contemporary European poets.

{tell my beloved that his chamber is prepared & that I am sick with love for him}

two fingers, an eye & a dab at moisture.
a callous on the middle three fingers fingertips.
a whitened shod of deterioration on teeth.
in what room lies the Trithesmius?

An elderly couple, recoiled at their proximity.
without hesitation, He doesn’t exist,
by virtue of the fact we have never been asked
for such a thing before
either a dream, of which we hope is the case,

or dormant in another grand basement he lies.
Age is offended so we recant
& tell them he lies in room
one hundred & seventy seven,
astride the Paracelsus squander & the tomb of Varius,

prior of the Benedictine convent of Saint Sophia.
the famed author of Hamaxobi & Biarbi.
You have never heard of him we ask, incredulous?
he inspired Jacques de Molay & the Stedingers

to take up the sword of Moses
to slay the basilisk of narcissus
& crush the Heathen dogs.
They raise their fingers in recognition.
117, you say. we say, I say. Be careful though.
Speech steals speech. For the last time,
they leave of their own power.

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