Kristin Roedell

Kristin Roedell is a retired attorney. Her poems have appeared in many mediums, including print, online, and radio. Selected poetry appears in Switched on Gutenberg, Breath and Shadow, Autumn Sky Poetry, Eclectica, Tacoma’s City Arts, Damselflypress, Ekphrasis, Voicecatcher Anthology, Flutter, Pilgrimage, Frost Writing, Seeding the Snow, and Soundings Review. Other poems will appear in Chest, Ginosko, and Worker’s Write. She was nominated for DZANC’s Best of the Web, 2010, and for the Pushcart Prize, 2010. She is a member of the editorial collective for VoiceCatcher’s Anthology.


Go down deep
to where I learned to watch panic swell
and recede,
inexorable as the ocean.

Go down deep,
to where my stomach was pumped
after pills downed
in quiet handfuls.

Go down deeper
to where I found God,
in an early garden
when thrushes were sleeping.

This is the place
where you emerge
bone of my bone.

Here you are,
and my hands that hold
your colored pencils and
ceramic valentine.

My child,
do not remember these things.
My love,
do not resemble me.

That is deepest.

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One Response to Kristin Roedell

  1. Scott Noling says:

    Beautiful..made me look up some of your older poems you left that I still have.

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